Xiangyang Kangmai Engine Machinery Co., Ltd was founded in 2013, Xiangyang Jiukangda Machinery Power Co., Ltd. was founded in 2009, Jiukangda is a cooperative factory of Kangmai.They are all located in Xiangyang City Hubei Province, China. We are the distributor of DCEC , and we have 10 years experiences in the field of engine and generator set, at the same time, we can provide you a complete set of solutions of diesel generators.Our company genset are ranging from 25kva up to 1500kva powered by engines series of QSB, QSL, QSZ, B3.9, B5.9, C8.3, L8.9, L9.5, Z13. DCEC diesel generators are vastly used in transportation sector, buildings, telecom, schools, hospitals, ships, petrolube oil fields and industrial power supplying area etc. With DCEC generators reliability, durability, flexibility, energy-saving, environment protection and wonderful World wide after-service networks, DCEC diesel generators act as a fundamental role in global generators industry. For better meet user's demands, the alternator, control box are selectable, we have Stamford, Siemens, Leroy-comer, Wattek and other famous brands. The control box you can choose ComAp , Smart gen, Deepsea, etc. Kangmai is a closely united professional team. Kangmai is a tight knit and professional team, As a strategic partner of DCEC, we have successfully competed with most competitors.Because We take every order seriously no matter small or big. We offer a range of Cummins engines, including B, C, L, D, Z, ISF series engine and related genuine spare parts, if you require a personalized and professional service with the backing of years of experience in this industry, please contact us, we will be happy to provide you with a quotation or any advice you require.

Jiukangda and Kangmai are two high-quality enterprises, mainly engaged in Cummins diesel engine, Cummins generator set and engine parts. Our main models are B, C, L and Z, and the application fields are all over Vehicle, Construction, Marine, Power generation and other industries. It is our duty to serve customers as our service tenet and serve every customer carefully. Our products are original and genuine products of Cummins. Let you buy at ease and use comfortably!Sales increased greatly!
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